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The Interface Layer is a personal project. The goal: simplify navigation for teachers and students.

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The heart of this project is the MentorsOnline browser extension, a tool that runs within the browser window. By providing links and lesson content right there, in the browser, I think we can make it easier for students to navigate the web. (Less time navigating means more time learning.)

Below, you will find links to several blog posts, demonstration pages and short videos…meant to illustrate ideas, introduce features, and test interactions.


Short, narrated videos; some made to introduce the ideas behind the tool, others to document progress in its design.

The Interface Layer
Overview of how the new tool could fit within our educational curriculum.

MentorsOnline Intro
Demonstrating the operation of the browser extension (“the tool”).
“You Can Learn Anything” (~1min)
Canvas LMS lesson content imported into the tool using the Canvas API.


Demo Pages

Web pages created to develop minor features or demonstrate particular aspects of the design.

Testing the design of browser extension dialog pop-ups.
Tool that speeds up selection of vocabulary terms from websites. Enter the URL for webpages assigned to students, and then select the words you wish to add to a list.
Demonstration of the vocabulary feature’s effect.
Simulating possible interaction that would allow text annotation.
Web UI
Front end for users, particularly for teachers and curriculum specialists.
Simple Chat
A basic chat form; uses event.source (an outdated mode of subscription).


Select Blog Posts

Some milestones. Select project for complete list.

mentors online
Purpose of new application, how it can help teachers and learners…
chat interface within browser extension
Several milestones passed in the week. What this project really needs…
interface layer for online learning
Describes motivation…

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