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Tour of VSTE Island
(Image by F Delventhal / CC)

I first met Booklady at a gathering of Virginia educators in a virtual world. Found out later that they meet regularly, to talk tech. I was surfing the grid, wanted to see to see what was new with education in SecondLife®, so I dropped in (actually dropped, virtually…Ctrl-F stops flying) .

That was years ago, and Booklady is still talking tech. A school librarian, her finger’s on the pulse of all kinds of media. It was natural that I ask her to scan my little project.

Booklady was The Dude today

It took days to get the demo ready. I was having some fun with it, though…creating the first real lesson in the system, working in references to The Dude. Now, visitors to the site can sign in using The Dude’s account (created for testing).

What happened next surprised me.

Booklady messaged early in the day saying she had started the demo, was in the chat room already, and—if I wanted to—I could join her.

Screenshot: chatlog

User trials can produce unexpected results, and that first chatlog virtually erupts with commentary; both of us logging errors, pointing out awkward behaviors.

It was great!

“I’m just throwing stuff out there as I notice it”
— Booklady as The Dude

One session in chat and it is obvious: feedback from educators would really get this project moving.

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