you can be the dude

It’s a bit of a chore, installing a browser extension in “developer mode”. However, to reach its potential, the MentorsOnline project needs feedback from educators; and, for that to happen, they must first experience the tool.

Solution: Create a simulation.

Visitors only need to see it work, they do not need to see it work across the Internet. Since the code that runs the application also plays nicely in a website, maybe it would be enough to see it working in one or two webpages.

There is still another barrier. Many folks will hesitate to create an account in an unknown site just to try something new. So, I have worked that out, too. Starting today…

you can be the dude

Early on, it was necessary to have a few users in the system. One day, in a pinch, user accounts were created with names borrowed from the silver screen, like “The Dude”.

It really tied the room together.

Now, you can use his user account to experience:

  • lessons
  • bookmarking
  • content imported from Canvas LMS
  • chat

…all right there, in the browser window.

Just visit this page, click one button to sign in as The Dude, and the UI appears.

What to look for…when you become The Dude.

Go ahead. Kick the tires. I’ll be right here, working on:

  • a Social Studies lesson
  • a Digital Literacy module
  • a Life Science WebQuest

…all aligned with standards, and all designed in Canvas (LMS).

Holler anytime.

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