every teacher a curriculum designer

One pressing challenge for teachers must be the identification and delivery of high quality content on the web.

Personalized learning
Learning on demand
Blended learning
Flipped classrooms

With the Internet, it must be tantalizing how close these are to being within reach. But, should we expect every teacher to also be a curriculum developer?

When I was teaching, the school provided one set of textbooks. All published course content in one book. There was no surfing the web for content, no perpetual hunt for articles, videos, games and simulations.

Maybe we can create a better way to manage and deliver instructional content on the Internet, a system that is more convenient, effective and efficient.

I have a working prototype. It is rough and immature; form compromised to build function, with only a few features so that a working model could be produced. Still, it feels like a new approach, a convenient way to deliver instructional content.

Once again, I am reaching out for input from educators…

(Short project update video.)

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