the support site works

visitorpassYesterday, I sent an email to a friend inviting her to create an account at MentorsOnline, the website behind the new browser extension (“the tool”).

Then I thought it’s better to wait, mainly because I expect the entire system to change. For example, integrating the tool with an LMS has lots of advantages, like reducing the need for lots of stuff at the website.

I’ve gone 180° on this twice, this morning.

Yes, the site works. Users can currently:

  • create links (that will render in the browser extension!)
  • create lessons (ditto!)
  • review student “status”
  • more that is still clunky, so not worth mention

It’s just too soon to start making links and lessons. Still, I’m leaving the door open for any that might want to check it out (use “demo” as a passkey). No need for personal info; just use to fool the form validation.

Also, this can be one way to jump aboard, should anyone want to help with testing, participate in development. (Valid email required, in that case.)

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