chat interface within browser extension

The Interface Layer project passed several milestones in the last week. The Cross Origin Resource Sharing issue mentioned in last post has been resolved (SSL certificate). This might have been posted sooner, but I was eager to move on to the next challenge: implementing chat.

Chat room at website.

The cost for server upgrade to accommodate WebSockets is more than I am ready spend at this point in time; but, demonstrating chat in the browser extension doesn’t require a robust backend…so, the older EventSource interface has been installed.

This compromises the utility because it is not supported by IE (and maybe some versions of Safari), but the extension itself is only working in Chrome. No loss.

Chat interface within browser extension.

What this project really needs is help from some professional developers.

How do start-ups get started? How can an open source project get attention? (There’s buttons for sharing down below.)

Can’t worry about that, the Canvas API is looking back at me from another window, and there is course content to integrate.

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