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I have been working on an educational tool. At the heart of this project is…

The Browser Extension:

Often, when teachers assign course content on the Internet, students surf the web and are on their own.

MentorsOnline could help guide learners through the maze of information that is the Internet. This tool is designed to add an intuitive, interactive layer that

  • helps teachers provide a roadmap
  • helps learners find their way

Much has been completed in the early design stage, and feedback from a small number of educators has been encouraging; however, the project hit a wall last week after reaching a major milestone (see video, ~1½min).

With most functionality proven (to myself), the only thing left is to manage the request of data from remote sites that are secure.

Today, a dedicated IP address was obtained so that a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate could be provided. This domain will soon have that one, single “s” in the URL (“https”) that says you can trust that the site is who it claims to be.

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Next: Testing whether or not this allows Cross Origin Resource Sharing.


  • New SSL certificate allows Cross Origin Resource Sharing…the tool works within all websites, so far.)
  • Messaging feature works- chat with your teacher, right there in the browser (see blog post)
  • Course content successfully imported from Canvas LMS. (Short video here ~1.5min)

Note: The browser extension currently works in the Chrome browser, only.

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