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A Modern Learner
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Personalized learning. Just-in-time learning. Learning on demand. Sure! I’m in; but…

How complicated is it going to be?

Modern learners can’t spend time with old modes of presentation, long lists of links, and clunky navigation. The more we rely on the Internet for instruction, the more we expect students to consume the web, the greater is the need to simplify the interface.

If you’ve ever used LastPassEasyBib, or the Evernote Web Clipper, then you know how convenient it can be…a tool that lives right there in the browser window.

Browser extensions can inject content directly into a web page. For education, this means that teachers, parents, mentors and tutors could interact with students right there in the browser window. (Please see video; about 3½min.)

short video, introduces project and prototype

I’ve hit the wall before, like this; tinkering along for months and months on a project that was bigger than me. It is time to invite participation, to seek help…time to reach out.

The “To Do” list is about fifteen pages long and a couple of functions are yet to be demonstrated (i.e., delivering content into secure sites, implementing chat).

If this application ever proves useful, for the tools to reach maturity, some real programmers will have jumped on board. Plenty of folks could build this better than I ever will. But today, it’s back to work on the vocabulary highlighting feature…

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