interface layer for online learning

Tattypoo conjures something NEW*

The vastness of information on the Internet is undeniable, and learning management systems deliver powerful tools for educators. But…

Should students have to navigate both?

In the last post, I described three wishes I would make if my sons were still in school. With a fourth wish I’d conjure up a new tool, an interface to manage curriculum that is simple, efficient…more convenient; helping both students and teachers.

This is about user experience.

Two videos have been posted online to introduce this project; one is embedded below.

Encouragement came when reading The Interface Layer, which seemed to confirm that we should imagine new interactions, not just new applications.

The era ahead is all about simplification and aggregation.
—Scott Belsky, in The Interface Layer

The Interface Layer from azwaldo on Vimeo.


* Image Credits

Klein bottle image by Wikimedia User: Wridgers (CC)
The Good Witch of the North by W. W. Denslow, 1900

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