restoring family photos

Mom and her brother (Joe Wayne)
1951-ish (click for large image)

Strangely, my Flash Animation instructor started his course by demonstrating a variety of image manipulation techniques for digital repair and restoration of old photographs.

It was 2001. Folks weren’t using “Photoshop” as a verb, yet.

Jump-cut to the present, and Mom has inherited several family photo collections. Dad was a bit of a shutterbug, too. There may be thousands of photographs in this house. It would be convenient to pack some of ’em away, up in the cloud. Of course, some need a day in the spa…

before and after touch-up
(click for large image)

This duo (Mom & Uncle Joe) is a silhouette because it was snipped out from the original scene. Sixty years of handling a small, close-cut photo can really fray the edges. With enough click-and-polish, it’s surprising how good they look when finished. This next before and after shows what I mean.


Many of the photos are worn from decades of handling; but, spend a little time in the GIMP and they sure come life.

(click for large image)

And here is the best result, so far: Mom’s mother’s mother.

Phemie Amelia McCullough Latimer
(click for side by side, before-after image)

I think she’s smiling at me.

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