picking through the family pix

photograph of Dorothy Nell Phillips Wallace, seated next to folders and a box on sofa, looking at photos
the first sort

Boxes of photographs, albums stacked in a closet, pictures collected across decades. How much can be uploaded to “the cloud”, and how long will it last?

Various types of data can accompany a WordPress image. Does this content become searchable? Could this image at Mom’s blog be found by a distant cousin sometime in the future? She has some old photographs there, in the media library; but, not all have been annotated…would that matter?

old photo woman sitting in man's lap
Papa and Grandmother Phillips, April 1956
(Click opens file at Mom’s blog)

Theoretically, WordPress data could persist a long time, the domain is such a big part of the Internet.

(The Internet Archive has already stored a “snapshot” of her WordPress space.)

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