Internet Speed Enforcement

Today's results. (Click image to go to The Internet Health Test)


Even though the FCC adopted Net Neutrality, ensuring that consumers can go where they want—when they want—on the Internet,

…your ISP still might be throttling your bandwidth.

The Internet Health Test (from M-Lab*) checks to see if you get adequate performance by comparing traffic through various locations that are representative of The Internet.

All of the data goes into the public domain, and is hosted…[on] a global network measurement platform dedicated to open and reproducible Internet science. Net Neutrality advocates will be accessing the data from M-Lab, and using it as evidence in the fight for strong, enforceable Net Neutrality.


The FCC’s Open Internet rules are meant to ensure free expression and innovation on the Internet.

The Internet Health Test is a new tool to help enforce the rules.

* M-Lab (Measurement Lab) was founded by The New America Foundation, a “nonprofit, nonpartisan” public policy think tank.

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