simulating Google Glass in the virtual world

Question: What will I want to see when I wear a device like this?

Google Glass
Google Glass wearable device
(Image by Flickr user: Michael Praetorius)

Short of spending $$ for an early Google Glass developer’s kit—not that I even have a worthy use case for Google to award a purchase—how does one begin to imagine ways to employ such wearable devices?

image showing virtual world avatar with inset image of hash marks and labels in a heads up display
Inset image is the HUD (heads-up display) with avatar’s
directional bearing indicator. Touch of floating
“HG” buttons changes image, displays text.
(Click to view full size image.)

I have started a project in SecondLife™ to mimic some of the experiences described by some Glass users. So far, my “wearable” device detects the user’s rotation and displays the user’s bearing (compass’ north is zero degrees).

image showing similar heads up display for avatar in virtual world, this time the avatar is turned and the reading has changed
Avatar has turned, notice the different heading displayed in HUD
(Click to view full size image.)

Next, I will add a basic location display feature. When the user turns toward a particular location, if that location is within some horizontal range of that user’s bearing, the HUD should display an icon or inset.

Wikitude and Optinvent
Wikitude “Footage captured during development”
(Image by Flickr user WIKITUDE)

This is based on what I roughly understand to be provided by tools such as Wikitude or Layar…where small icons or indicators show where hotspots or particular locations exist on the horizon.

Then, objects can be assigned as “hotspots” and placed around a virtual world region, like this one…

image showing virtual world re-creation of Italian city
Scale model of actual city square in Italy
(Click to view full size image.)

…and the HUD can indicate where those destinations lay on the horizon.

Further down my wish-list of features is a “Dude, where’s my car?” panic button.

That app might sell millions.