new span lifespan

Earlier today, on returning home via the new Ronald Reagan Boulevard during midday, I got a good look at the new bridge spanning Berry Creek.

With completion of the latest phase of construction, the highway becomes the preferred route to visit cousin Ronnie; but, my current areas of interest cross that new bridge.

local area image from Google Earth, with inset close-up of bridge
Image of local area, with inset showing the new bridge (Google Earth)
(Click for full size image)

In total, one in nine of the nation’s bridges are rated as structurally deficient, while the average age of the nation’s 607,380 bridges is currently 42 years.
American Society of Civil Engineers

Given concern about our country’s infrastructure, including structurally deficient bridges, I cannot help but wonder…what is the expected lifespan of this new bridge?

I doubt it will become an issue in my lifetime; but, do we build bridges any better these days? Are we learning from our experience? I will forward this post to a friend, another geek who happens to be in the business, and see what where this takes us…

illustration of a 'snooper' - a cherry picker that reaches underneath bridges
Huck’s screen-capture image of his simulated “snooper” – a cherry picker that reaches up underneath bridges

How many bridges in your state and county are deficient? Check the interactive map at this Associated Press website and find out.