LSL 101, or scripting for beginners

LSL 101
Basic scripted objects

Running checkbox in script-edit view

I have begun to develop a series of scripts to introduce various effects to new users. These scripts can be placed in a default prim which becomes an interactive, instructional object. They are a series in that each script (or possibly group of scripts) will build upon what was presented in the previous script (or group of scripts).

I had worked on a similar project back in my first year as an avatar.

A major priority back then was to create an extremely low-prim object. This resulted in objects that might have the user toggling the “Running” checkbox (see image) in the script-edit panel to advance the lessons; or, any one object might have multiple scripts… or rezz other objects for demonstration. The scripting and comments needed to manage those behaviours sat right next to bits that were the meat of the lesson; and, the comments in those scripts were often instructing the user to look at one script first and then another, or toggle checkboxes to activate a script. It just became too clunky.

This new approach places scripts in separate objects. Each script can now be written with clear instructional content (read: extensive commenting), without the distraction and clutter found in the previous project.

On reflection, my own drive to develop low-prim objects in SL might have been unnecessary or extreme, restricting the design in an artificial way; but, it took OpenSim’s abundant elbow room to bring me back to a project that probably has value.