Hello again, world!

Newly purchased space in Gyatso region of Mãebaleia mainland in Second Life®. One appealing feature: parcel is in extreme southwest corner of sim…all objects can be placed easily, as parcel sits at region origin (0,0). Naming the parcel “Instructional Alchemy” prompts the opening of a new chapter.

In which a content developer trains both eyes on instructional design in virtual worlds, particularlySecond Life® (SL) and OpenSim (OS).

The day saw progress in a new user orientation activity, page revisions at the widgets wiki, a lengthy e-mail consult on a sim-wide sound effects system for Monash University’s new airport, the purchase of a new parcel, and modification of an image display tool for migration into OS.

All of that, and a trip to el mercado.

The reworking of an existing SL object (OpenSim Error msg: “function not implemented”) has me wondering if a display in Gyatso should include a section specifically for these OS versions…